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Dr. Richard Ezgur

Chiropractic Physician

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Massage Therapist

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Chiropractic Assistant


Neck and Back pain relief!

TMJ and Headache Relief with Acupuncture

Rotator Cuff Shoulder Injury

Sports Injury | Low Back Pain

Pinched Nerve, Allergies, Homeopathy

Sciatica Relief Testimonial

Patient with Severe Lower Back Pain Testimonial

Neck Pain Testimonial

Neck Pain Testimonial

Wrist Tendonitis Injury Testimonial

Lower Back Injury

Pregnancy Back Pain and Neck Pain Testimonial

Foot Injury Testimonial

Lower Back Pain and Pinched Nerves Testimonial

Lower Back Pain Testimonial


Dr.Ezgur has helped me tremendously! I came to primarily see him for my migraines because they were so bad that I had one everyday for the past two months. The neurologist I was seeing was giving me a million medications and nothing was working. I’ve had migraines for a long time but they have never been this bad before. The day I started taking homeopathy pills my migraines instantly became better. This month alone I have only had 3 migraines so far which is incredible for me! I am so happy I have found Dr.Ezgur and would truly recommend him to anyone!

— Julia T.


Dr. Ezgur is very skilled at accupunture. I have been to his clinic for about 3 weeks now and my knee feels much better than how it was when i started. The team is really good with recommending exercises. Thanks!

— Nishi S.


I was recommended here by another Chiropractor (which seems like the ultimate seal of approval) and love their multi-faceted approach using adjustments, exercises, acupuncture and massage. The staff is so pleasant, smart, attentive and seem to enjoy their work. The office runs like a well-oiled machine – very organized and efficient. Free valet parking is a nice bonus, but for proximity to the train was critical. Very happy with my experience thus far and would recommend to my closest friends.

— Caitlyn M.


I have been coming here for about 2 years, the entire staff is amazing!! From office manager to massage therapist. Dr. Bruene, Marc, and Chivette thanks for always healing me!
— Pamela R.


Dr. Rick Ezgur is a true healer. I am forever grateful to him for what he did for me. He cured me of a disorder I was taught I would have to cope with for the rest of my life. Truly, what this man is able to do with homeopathy is nothing short of miracle work. I am a massage therapist and I only recommend clients to Dr. E. He is thorough with patients and his knowledge is excellent. Most importantly, if he doesn’t have a solution for you immediately, he will never give up looking for one. He really is a gifted healer. Thanks Dr. E! I’m getting better and better and you gave me the key.

Look out for a shout out in my first NY times best seller! 😉
— Jacqueline S.


I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, but after going here for over a month I am truly impressed and very happy with the results. The entire staff is very friendly and they have a very flexible schedule. I see Dr. Bruene and I am very satisfied with everything. I went for migraines and have had very positive results with accupuncture and neck exercises. I highly recommend this practice.
— Benjamin B.


We’ve been seeing Dr. Ezgur for homeopathy for over 3 years, and he has helped our family tremendously. My older son’s seizures completely stopped without any medical interventions or medications, and my younger son’s asthma and allergies have improved quite a bit since starting homeopathy. We are very pleased with both of their progress.
— Roxanne K.


I actually visited Progressive Chiropractic after buying a Groupon for accupuncture treatments, and ended up treating with Dr. Bruene. The entire experience went well above and beyond what I expected — in addition to accupuncture treatments, Dr. Bruene helped with everything from strengthening and flexibility exercises for my lower back to improving my form when doing squats. He is personable, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in getting effective, long-term results — not, in other words, with simply trying to get you to keep coming back for treatment. Highly, highly recommended.
— Brian D.


I was referred to Dr Ezgur in June as I had been experiencing hip pain and was determined to train and run the Chicago Marathon in October. I was very skeptical as I had never been to a chiropractor before.

Dr Ezgur did a thorough consultation on my first visit and put together a plan that included adjustments, laser therapy, trigger point therapy and physical therapy to strengthen my core and glutes. Over the course of my training I would see both Dr Ezgur and Meadow(his assistant) for adjustments and physician therapy and Mark for massage therapy. Everyone at Progressive Chiropractic is very professional and concerned with your overall well-being. I have been to traditional PT before, and what I really appreciated is that Dr Ezgur put together a plan of therapy that was not just specific to PT.

With the help of Dr Ezgur and his staff, I was able not only run the Chicago Marathon, but PR by 15 minutes.

Another plus, free valet parking.
— Stacey B.


I was without a doubt a person who was very skeptical about using a chiropractor. My mindset was completely changed after visiting Dr. Bruene. I Had multiple injuries simultaneously in my right foot; stress fracture and ligament damage. On top of that I was training for two marathons that were three weeks apart. After six or so visits and a few weeks of rest I was able to resume training and complete both marathons!

Granted I re-injured my foot during the second marathon but nonetheless he got me through it!
— Josh J.


I have gone to chiropractors my entire life due to back problems stemming from when I was just a baby. Many people are afraid of seeing a chiropractor, or feel that they are just trying to scam their patients. Although a lot of people are very skeptical of the practice, I have rarely been let down by the results I’ve seen from spine adjustments. Progressive has been no exception.

Having just moved to the city, I was in need of a new chiropractor. I initially came to PCWC because I discovered they would take my insurance, and I have been very impressed with the service I have received.
In the past year I have had 2 incidents where I was in extreme back pain. The first, in my upper back/ shoulders, was cured in just one adjustment.
The second, in my lower back, was excruciating to the point where merely sitting in class almost brought me to tears. I have now had 3 adjustments for that and feel 90% better.

The Doctor is very professional and easy to get in to see. The massage therapist, Meadow, is personable and experienced. The office is a very clean, inviting environment, complete with the famous “Miss Chivette” who works the front desk and keeps things running smoothly.

Highly recommended.
— Sarah S.


Met with Dr. Ezgur today for the first time for my son. I was extremely pleased with how thorough he was! He had me thinking waaaaay back and really dove into my son’s medical history for his homeopathy appointment. I am excited to work with him and I am excited to see what is in store for my son! Very hopeful!
— Jennifer McMahon Biggs.

I’ve received a combination of chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy and homeopathy from Progressive Chiropractic. These therapies have helped me manage back pain and detox from heavy metals. I’ve seen all three doctors, and I am grateful for continued care in my detox process and for relief from back pain that I’ve had for more than ten years. The doctors are genuinely compassionate and knowledgeable, taking a comprehensive approach to wellness. Chiropractic care will continue to be a part of my self care regimen!
— Katie H.


Dr. Ezgur is super Duper nice, caring and spend as much time as necessary with you. Chivette is absolutely fabulous! She makes every visit so pleasant which makes me keep wanting to go back more and more. If not for her, it would not be so enticing. So thank you!
–Maggie M.


I was researching for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness and went in for a consultation based on the Yelp reviews. My right shoulder has been feeling awful for years due to bad posture and 50-60+ hours per week in front of a computer. After 9 weeks with Dr. Ezgur (chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture), my shoulder pain is gone and I also learned practical exercises and stretches to make work-from-home more manageable. He uses the smallest needles for acupuncture and he addresses stress points immediately and effectively.

It’s also important to note that Dr. Ezgur’s staff is responsive, organized, and friendly. I highly recommend!
–Roe S. Chicago, IL


I have been a patient at Progressive Chiropractic for about 15 years, and I consider Dr. Ezgur and his excellent staff to be friends. They are a preferred provider for Blue Cross, which is a big plus. Also, the practice is one of the most efficient ones I’ve ever used. Everyone is always punctual, and getting appointments is relatively easy. Dr. Ezgur clearly is an expert in his field and knows and cares a lot about health and wellness. Chivette, the office manager, is sharp as a tack and kind as a family member. Massage therapists are always great, particularly Manny and Marc. Lauren the therapist is wonderful. The range of services, including chiropractic, massage therapy, ultrasound, accupuncture, etc., makes this an excellent practice. Highly recommended.
–Ira P. Chicago, IL


I never really understood what it meant to be pain free until I visited Dr. Ezgur.

I have been seeing Dr. Ezgur at Progressive Chiropractic on and off for about four years. I work in the fitness industry and often encounter strains and sprains. Dr Ezgur cares, listens, and helps you heal. The staff that helps you in the healing process is professional and personal at the same time. In addition to helping me heal from my sports injuries, I also get much relief in general wellness. I tend to go to Dr Ezgur for colds and sinus issues, too. The acupuncture and homeopathy treatments have been keeping me healthy for years. I have never had a problem with parking, scheduling or insurance. I highly recommend Dr Ezgur and Progressive Chiropractic. He’s a good guy who runs a good business.
–John N. Chicago, IL


Dr. Ezgur at Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center is more than a Chiropractor; he is a true total wellness guru.

I started visiting Dr. Ezgur over 3 years ago when I had severe pain in my jaw that my Doctors and Dentist could not explain. After giving me plenty of medications to mask the pain, only Dr. Ezgur was able to find the source of the pain and develop an individualize plan to treat the pain.

Since being a patient of Dr. Ezgur’s, I have not had to visit my primary care Physician except for a yearly check up. My overall physical and mental health has improved drastically and I am more in-tuned with my body and overall wellness.

Dr. Ezgur and his staff have a very professional yet friendly rapport with all of their patients. Definitely not your typical Dr’s office.

My partner now is also a patient of Dr. Ezgur and so will our expectant newborn. I would recommend Dr. Ezgur to any and everyone.
–Tiffany S. Chicago, IL


I completely agree with the other posters that Dr. Ezgur is great: professional, patient, up-to-date with research, thorough in his assessment and so, so kind. And, yes. The office is gorgeous and smells nice!!

I have seen him on several occasions through the years stemming from an injury a decade ago. I am happy to report that I no longer need to see him on a regular basis, although if I lived closer to his office, I would totally go for regular check-ups and maintenance. Everything was covered by my BCBS-PPO aside from homeopathy, but that is very reasonable.

During my recovery, he mentioned that I might benefit from homeopathic care. I was a little skeptical that it could help but I was on board with the theory and gave it a try. I was floored that his initial evaluation was so comprehensive and he prescribed the appropriate remedy, one that began working within days. Here is the kicker: Because my commute was so far and I was struggling at home with a house full of babies, he set up bi-weekly phone consults where he would check in and we’d discuss my health, stresses, worries, etc. and make the appropriate adjustments to my dosage or suggest something different.

My other favorite parts were the actual adjustments as well as the acupuncture sessions.

The only downside is the commute from Oak Park. I would LOVE it if he would open a clinic in my village (hint, hint).

Whenever someone asks me for a chiropractic recommendation, I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ezgur and his team at Progressive. Shout out to the massage therapists, office manager Chevette and also Brianna!!
–S D. Oak Park, IL


I hurt my back at the gym and I had no idea who to go to for help. A friend suggested to see Dr. Ezgur and I was desperate. He turned out to be the exact the kind of doctor that you hope to find. He understood the problem quickly, gave me instant relief and was able to help me take the right steps to prevent the problem from repeating itself. To top it off, I felt like Dr. Ezgur really cared for my well being.

His office is also easy to get to. It’s close to the train and there is parking next door.
–Mike B. Chicago, IL


I first started going to Dr. Ezgur five years ago for a knee issue (IT band). I was skeptical, as I had never sought ’alternative’ treatment for anything before. Well, I was pain-free in no time, due to the acupuncture, laser point therapy, exercises I learned there and most of all – Dr. Ezgur’s genuine compassion, understanding of the body and the knowledge/professionalism of not only Dr. Ezgur, but his entire staff.

Since then, I have gone back for various aches and injuries – most recently an inflamed AC joint (shoulder) and bicep tendonitis. As always, I got excellent care and healed quickly without surgery or medication to ’mask’ the pain.

Through the years, I have referred other friends to Dr. Ezgur – all of whom have had positive experiences similar to mine.

Dr. Ezgur is top-notch – as is his staff. I will continue to recommend him.
–Paul H. Chicago, IL


I recently moved here and found Dr Bruene at Progessive. He is awesome! Have had lower back issues for years, after my first visit I feel so much better. Chivette is the office manager and she is great, took the time to navigate all the insurance. And WOW my massage with Manny is fantastic! Let me just say, ’ you all are awesome’!!! If you need a chiropractor that really knows what he is doing, go to Dr. Breune.
–Tim T. Evanston, IL


Great doctor and massage therapists. The office manager Chevette is great as well – friendly and attentive and keeps the appointments right on schedule.

I love that Dr. E takes the time to figure out what could have caused your back pain and how to fix it. Brianna is also great.

Come here if you want a thorough practice that always is on time, extremely friendly, and helps your back feel better in no time!


I have been coming to this office for the majority of my mobility and pain issues for almost two years now and have been greatly improved. The office is clean and relaxing, the scents of essential oils are trance-inducing without making me sneeze, and the equipment is new and works well.

Chivette will absolutely be the first person you talk to. She is the anchor of the office. Chivette has helped me with insurance issues and scheduling constraints aplenty and has never chided me when I no-showed (gah) or came in late after work or school went too long.

Dr. Ezgur himself is fabulous, though it might take you a while to warm up to him. He is punctual (such a treat in a Dr.’s office) and efficient. At first I thought his efficiency was aloofness and I was confused but with continued appointments and conversation, we got to know each other much better. He is now in charge of my adjustments, acupuncture, and homeopathy. My once-daily headaches of varying intensity from mild to migraine are virtually non-existent these days.

I have to mention the massage therapists as well. Manny is AWESOME. With his background in Thai massage as well as classic Swedish training he is able to work out every knot and tightness with skill that doesn’t leave me totally sapped for the rest of the night. After the massage he does a Thai stretch session that leaves me feeling like a relaxed rubber band and babbling nonsense thanks to all those endorphins! Woo hoo!

All in all, a great office that I continue to recommend to friends and family.
–Christiana S. Chicago, IL


Dr. Ezgur is great–no-nonsense, direct and effective. Been seeing him now for more than three years for neck/shoulder issues, among others. Successful treatment approach combined chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage and physical therapy. His strategy has provided me lasting pain relief and improved functionality. I was referred to him by a friend, and passed it onto other friends–all of whom happily returned. Office manager Chivette and rehab specialist Brianna are fantastic. Such a great vibe in the office.

Core Chiropractic also shares this office space, and Dr. Steinys from that practice is also an excellent stand-in when Dr. Ezgur is away.

Highly recommended.
–Jessica C. Chicago, IL


The entire staff at Progressive Chiropractic Wellness center is great. Dr. Ezgur is my main chiropractor but I have also seen Dr. Brune and both are effective doctors. In addition to chiropractic services, they offer massage (I highly recommend therapist Mara Nicandro), acupuncture, laser services and homeopathic medicine. They also have validated (aka free!!) valet parking!! An amazing bonus in the city. Chivette and Meadow work the front desk and are always there to help with billing, scheduling, and learning new exercises. Speaking of scheduling, they run on-time! On one occasion, Dr. Ezgur had to leave for an emergency while I was in my massage appointment so he was unable to see me. This was the only appointment I have ever had any sort of time issue with. He took the time to write me a hand-written apology note and saw to it that I was seen by Dr. Brune. All around, this is a great practice!
–Katie M. Chicago, IL


A great place! Very relaxing environment. Dr. Ezgur is very smart, kind and you can tell he actually cares about your health and well-being (I once had a cold so he did acupuncture to help my head stop hurting!). Lauren and Chivette are funny and fun yet super professional and very smart ladies. AND MARK, Mark is a massage therapist there and he gives the very best massages that have made a huge difference with my various aches, pains, and problems. My only complaints are that it can be a little tough to get evening appointments at times unless you schedule pretty far ahead (I guess that is the price you pay to go to the best) and if you drive the valet is often pretty backed up, so plan some extra time for that.
–Jonathan Z. Chicago, IL

Dr. Bruene can help you with anything. I went in for headaches which are better now but so is my knee and hip. He will work with you and actually listens to your complaints. Dr. Bruene I tell everyone about and so will you!
–A Google User


Dr . Adam took the time to explain what injuries I had and after a few sessions I felt 100% better.
–Braulio Corral


I have seen Dr. Bruene around five times now. Unlike other chiropractors I have experienced he listened to me regarding my specific injuries. He also gave me some great workout tips specifically designed for me. I plan to visit him again.
–Aaron Kreke


My wife Shannan, and two children have had a great experience here. The office staff is wonderful and the atmosphere is very calming. Dr. Ezgur has helped us to understand our bodies better, and I don’t have pain in my back or neck like I used to from work. Our daughters even get periodic adjustments, but not as much as I do.
–Billy Valencia


Dr. Ezgur has worked diligently to solve an array of back problems that were plaguing me and keeping me up at night. Before seeing him, I was in constant pain and was told I would have to live with it. Dr. Ezgur’s holistic approach helped to alleviate my pain and back problems helped immediately. He genuinely cares about my health and is focused on fixing the underlying issues so I can move on with a pain-free life.
–Maria Suarez


Not only do I get wonderful chiropractic treatments from Dr. Ezgur, but I cannot say enough good things about his massage therapists. Manny, Mara and Marc have such healing hands and are quickly able to pinpoint and release tension in my back like no other therapist has been able to do. I come out feeling relaxed and energized. Absolute best therapists I’ve ever been too and I look forward to my treatments each month!
–Karl Mares

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