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Vitamin D: Why It Is Vital To Get Your Levels Checked


Vitamin D deficiency is a serious epidemic that is associated with many diseases including increased risk of many forms of cancer, osteoporosis, colds, flus & other infections, poor immune system function, and seasonal affective disorder (the winter “blues”), or “S.A.D.” The scientific literature confirms that that due to the wide use of sunscreen and lack of exposure to sunlight, most people are deficient in vitamin D. Furthermore, the current recommended daily allowance (RDA’s) for Vitamin D are currently way too low and are in the process of being raised. This means that the amount of Vitamin D in fortified milk or in multiple vitamins is not high enough to boost low levels back up to normal. Most experts recommend that everyone have their Vitamin D levels checked with a simple blood test. For most tests, the normal range is around 30-80 ng/mL, but 50-60 is considered optimal. So get your levels checked ASAP, and send your test results to Dr. Ezgur. Based on the results of your test, Dr. Ezgur will recommend the optimal dosage of Vitamin D for you. If it’s going to be a few months until you can get tested, then just start taking 2,000 IU per day, until you get your blood levels checked. The best form of Vitamin D to take is a Vitamin D3 liquid. We carry a very high quality, easily absorbed, and affordable vitamin D3 liquid. 2,000 IU is just two little drops from the eyedropper that comes with the bottle. 1 bottle costs $20.00, and will last most people 4-6 months.

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