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“If there is the slightest chance that a patient can be educated in the methods that enable him to reduce his own pain and disability using his own understanding and resources, he should receive that education. Every patient is entitled to the information, and every doctor should be obliged to provide it”.

Robin McKenzie, CNZM, O.B.E., FCSP (Hon), FNZSP (Hon), NZCP (HLM), Dip. MT, Dip.MDT

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Therapeutic Exercises Listed Numerically

Please do not perform any of these exercises unless they have been prescribed to you by one of our doctors. When performed correctly, none of these exercises should cause any pain. If you experience any pain or discomfort during or after any exercise, stop immediately and let us know.

1. Alternating Heel Toe Seated

2. Ankle Dorsiflexion with Band

3. ART (Coming Soon)

4. Back Stretch over Ball

5. Balance Sandals

6. BAPS Board(Coming Soon)

7. Bicep Curls

8. Biceps Femoris PIR-SS-CRS

9. Body Blade (Coming Soon)

10. Bridging: Back on Ball (Coming Soon)

11. Bridging: Feet on Ball (Coming Soon)

12. Bridging

13. Bridging with PPT & Band

14. Brugger’s Relief Position (Coming Soon)

15. Butterfly PIR-SS-CRS

16. Cat/Camel/Circle

17. Chin Retractions

18. Chin Tuck with Neck Curl/Foam Roll

19. D1-D2 PNF Patterns

20. Dead Bug

21. Door Angels (Coming Soon)

22. Fitter: Lower Extremity (Coming Soon)

23. Fitter: Upper Extremity (Coming Soon)

24. Foot Supination with Band (Coming Soon)

25. Forearm Extensor PIR-SS-CRS

26. Forearm Flexor PIR-SS-CRS

27. Forearm Palm Up/Down

28. Forearm Pronator PIR-SS-CRS

29. Forearm Supinator PIR-SS-CRS

30. Gastroc & Soleus Stretch

31. Gluteus Med/Min/TFL PIR-SS-CRS

32. Hamstrings PIR-SS-CRS

33. Hamstrings Curl with Ball

34. Hip Extension with Band

35. Hip Hikes- Ball Against Wall

36. Iliopsoas PIR

37. Infraspinatus PIR

38. Internal and External Rotation

39. ITB Stretch ART

40. Knee to Chest Stretch (Coming Soon)

41. Kneel Ups (Coming Soon)

42. Lat Pull Downs

43. Levator Scapulae PIR-SS-CRS

44. Lumbar Erector PIR-SS-CRS (Coming Soon)

45. Lunges

46. Masseter PIR-SS-CRS (Coming Soon)

47. Middle Trapezius PIR-SS-CRS

48. Pec Clavicular PIR-SS-CRS

49. Pec Sternal PIR-SS-CRS

50. Pec Stretch Through Door

51. Pelvic Tilt-Various Positions (Coming Soon)

52. Piriformis PIR-SS-CRS

53. Plantar Fascia PIR-SS-CRS (Coming Soon)

54. Plyopower Throw (Coming Soon)

55. Posterior Neck Stretch

56. Post Shoulder Capsule Stretch

57. Press Ups

58. Prone Glute Squeeze

59. Proper Lifting (Coming Soon)

60. Psoas Lunge Stretch

61. Pterygoid PIR


63. Quad Setting w/SLR & Side LR

64. Quadriceps PIR-SS-CRS

65. Quadruped Chin Tuck with Isometric Challenges

66. Quadruped Cross Crawl

67. Quadruped Plus Sequence

68. Reverse Flies

69. Scalene PIR-SS-CRS

70. Scaption Arcs (Coming Soon)

71. Scapular Retractions


73. Seated Ball Progressions

74. Self Thoracic Mobilization

75. Self C7-T1 Mobilization (Coming Soon)

76. Serratus Push

77. Short Foot Single Leg Balance

78. Side Steps with Band

79. Side lying Abdominal Lifts

80. Single Foot Hopping (Coming Soon)

81. Slide Board (Coming Soon)

82. Spinal Rotation on Back

83. Spinal Rotation Standing (Coming Soon)

84. Squats with Ball on Wall (Coming Soon)

85. Standing Rows

86. Step and Reach Multi Plane (Coming Soon)

87. Suboccipital PIR

88. Subscapularis PIR-SS-CRS (Coming Soon)

89. Superman

90. Tibialis Anterior Stretch

91. Toe Curls with Towel (Coming Soon)

92. Toe Raises for Calf

93. Triceps PIR-SS-CRS

94. TrP Chain De-activation (Coming Soon)

95. Trunk Curl

96. Upper Trapezius PIR-SS-CRS

97. VMO Terminal Knee Extension (Coming Soon)

98. Walkout- Pelvic Rotation & Knee to Chest

99. Wall Angels

100. Wrist Curls with Squeeze (Coming Soon)

102. Supine Neck Rotation with Band

104. Spinal Ready Position Upper/Lower

105. Glute Activation Series (Coming Soon)

106. Breathing Exercise

107. Diaphragm

108. Stir the Pot

109. Posterior Capsule SS (Coming Soon)

110. Rhomboid Stretch (Coming Soon)

111. Shrug/Release/Roll (Coming Soon)

112. Foam Roll- 3 Positions (Coming Soon)

113. Modified Down Dog (Coming Soon)

114. Cervical Rotation (Coming Soon)

115. Self Trigger Point Therapy

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