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“If there is the slightest chance that a patient can be educated in the methods that enable him to reduce his own pain and disability using his own understanding and resources, he should receive that education. Every patient is entitled to the information, and every doctor should be obliged to provide it”.

Robin McKenzie, CNZM, O.B.E., FCSP (Hon), FNZSP (Hon), NZCP (HLM), Dip. MT, Dip.MDT

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Mar192014 No Comment

Dr. Ezgur: Chicago Magazine’s: “Chicago’s Outstanding Chiropractors”

Dr. Ezgur was recently featured in Chicago Magazine’s March 2014 issue: “Chicago’s Outstanding Chiropractors”.  Our sincere thanks and gratitude to our patients and other doctors who nominated us for this award. Contact us if you have any questions or would … Continue reading

Jan142014 No Comment

Dr. Ezgur Offers Cycling Sports Injury Prevention Class

As a sponsor of Test Positive Aware Network’s Ride for AIDS, Dr. Richard Ezgur of Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center is offering a free cycling sports injury prevention & stretching class, during the following indoor training sessions: 1/19/14, 2/2/14, 3/9/14, 3/30/14. … Continue reading

Nov302013 No Comment

Nutrition &/or Homeopathy Consultation Groupon

Dr. Ezgur is offering a Groupon deal for a 40-minute nutrition and/or homeopathy consultation for $50 (50% discount).  During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your health goals which may include weight loss, improved athletic performance, overcoming … Continue reading

Nov272013 No Comment

The Benefits of a Good Massage

Getting a massage is relaxing, but that’s not the only benefit that you get from it. This is a treatment method used for several types of conditions and ailments. If you’re getting a Chicago massage, it could be for one … Continue reading

Nov132013 No Comment

FREE MASSAGE in Chicago at Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center

Refer any new patient (even yourself) into our office by the end of 2013 for an initial visit (consultation, examination, and treatment).  Have the new patient mention you as the referral source, and you’ll get a gift certificate for a … Continue reading

Oct312013 No Comment

DNS Physical Therapy In Chicago Decreases Pain & Improves Performance

Dr. Ezgur, Dr. Bruene, and Meadow have returned to the office following a nine-day intensive seminar to advance our practice of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, or DNS.  DNS is a highly advanced, specialized form of physical therapy which utilizes the principles … Continue reading

Oct122013 No Comment

Good luck to our patients running the Chicago Marathon!

Remember to stay hydrated and follow our advice on Strectching & Warming Up Correctly.  Also, be sure to see us next week if you’re experiencing any pain aside from the usual post-marathon muscle soreness.  Regardless, a post-marathon massage and adjustment … Continue reading

Sep302013 No Comment

Don’t get the flu this year in Chicago!

It’s that time of year again to take a few steps to prevent colds & the flu this season.  Whether or not you are planning on getting a flu shot this year, I recommend that you take the homeopathic remedy … Continue reading

Aug252013 No Comment


THE McKENZIE METHOD: POWERFUL PAIN RELIEF (part 1) Drs. Ezgur & Bruene are both trained in this powerful physical therapy technique which teaches you to treat your own body to safely eliminate your pain quickly and naturally. http://www.mckenziemdt.org/approach.cfm?section=int

Jun112013 No Comment

Dr. Ezgur is at McGill University in Montreal for his annual homeopathy continuing education seminar.

Dr. Ezgur is at McGill University in Montreal for his annual homeopathy continuing education seminar. Dr. Bruene and all of our staff will be available while he’s away. http://www.progressivechiropractic.com/services/homeopathy-natural-medicine/

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