What To Expect On Your First Visit

During your first visit, the doctor will take a detailed history , and various treatment options will be explained. Further consultation and examination procedures will be performed, after determining the most appropriate types of treatment.

Should you choose chiropractic, physical therapy, and other physical medicine procedures including acupuncture, the doctor will spend approximately one full hour with you in order to determine the precise cause of your problem. If you decide to utilize homeopathy, then you will be scheduled for a future appointment, which will last 2-3 hours or longer, until the doctor has enough information to prescribe an appropriate homeopathic remedy.

Chiropractor discussing x-ray results with patient

During the consultation, you will discuss all aspects of your health issue(s) with the doctor. You will not be rushed and will have all the time you need to explain everything in detail, as well as the opportunity to have all of your questions answered. After the consultation, the doctor will perform a thorough examination which will include various neurologic, orthopedic, and functional testing, custom-tailored to your specific issues. Some of your evaluation may include: an analysis of your posture and gait (how you walk), muscle testing, joint mobility tests, assessment of your workplace ergonomics, and your form during sports and workout & exercise routine. Other diagnostic tests may be ordered if considered necessary, such as: MRI’s, X-rays, or blood work. Once all of this information is analyzed, the doctor will provide you with your diagnosis and will discuss with you the various treatment options that will shape your individualized treatment plan. You will then be advised of your prognosis, including the anticipated frequency, duration, and cost of treatment.

If your condition is beyond the scope of our practice, or if you prefer an integrated approach utilizing both natural and conventional medical treatment, then we will be happy to refer you to and/or co-manage your condition with the appropriate medical specialist or other health care provider. We are used to working closely with medical doctors including a wide variety of specialists, and have a well-established professional referral network, throughout the city of Chicago and beyond.

The treatment that you receive on your initial visit will depend on the specific nature of your problem(s) and the types of treatment most suitable to your needs and preferences. The doctor will typically provide various types of treatment to help make you feel more comfortable, which may include: chiropractic adjustments (joint manipulation/mobilization), physical therapy techniques, acupuncture, massage & myofascial techniques (Graston, ART, etc.), or the prescription of a homeopathic remedy. The doctor will also provide you with self-treatment advice including the proper use of heat & ice, home exercises, and advice regarding dietary modifications and the use of nutritional supplements.

After your first visit, the time we spend with you in the office will vary depending on the nature of your condition and your individualized needs. A typical chiropractic visit including physical therapy may last 45 minutes to one hour, while a routine maintenance or wellness visit consisting of a chiropractic adjustment, may last only about 10 minutes. Homeopathic visits usually last 20-30 minutes for simple follow-up visits, or 40-60 minutes in the case of a new or acute condition. The doctor is always willing to spend extra time with you, so just let us know in advance if you need more time because of a new condition or any other concerns. The doctor will provide his recommendations, but what type of treatment you receive is ultimately up to you.

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Patient consultation with chiropractor
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