Allergy & Asthma Relief Chiropractor Reviews in Lakeview Chicago IL

Seizures and allergies testimonial

We've been seeing Dr. Ezgur for homeopathy for over 3 years, and he has helped our family tremendously. My older son's seizures completely stopped without any medical interventions or medications, and my younger son's asthma and allergies have improved quite a bit since starting homeopathy. We are very pleased with both of their progress.

Rosanne K.
Chicago, Illinois
Allergies, headaches and TMJ testimonial

I started seeing Dr. Ezgur seven or eight years ago because I was getting sick a lot after starting a new job. I also mentioned while I was there that I got migraines. He cured both. I'd had frequent headaches my whole life and after Dr. Ezgur's treatments, I rarely ever even get a mild one anymore. I had a TMJ problem (clicking jaw) for about 10 years. I didn't want to get surgery for it but it finally got so bad that I could barely open my mouth. Dr. Ezgur fixed it in three visits. That was several years ago and I have had no recurrence of the problem. He is now my first call for anything that ails me - colds, allergies, even menstrual issues - and everything he has done has worked.

Holly R.
Chicago, Illinois

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