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Knee pain, back pain and acupuncture testimonial

I first started going to Dr. Ezgur over five years ago for a knee issue (IT band). I was skeptical, as I had never sought 'alternative' treatment for anything before. After a week or so, I was pain-free, due to the acupuncture, laser point therapy, exercises I learned there and most of all - Dr. Ezgur's genuine compassion, understanding of the body and the knowledge/professionalism of not only Dr. Ezgur, but his entire staff.

Since then, I have gone back for various injuries, etc. As always, I get excellent care and healed quickly without surgery or medication to 'mask' the pain.

Through the years, I have referred other friends in the Chicago area to Dr. Ezgur - all of whom have had positive experiences similar to mine.

Dr. Ezgur is top-notch - as is his staff. I will continue to recommend him.

Paul H.
Chicago, Illinois
Back pain and massage testimonial

Dr. Ezgur and his team are great! Periodically I have back pain and a adjustment from Dr. E always does the trick. Dr. Ezgur takes his time and come up with individualized treatment plans for you to see the best result. Suzanna massage have you feeling like a new person packed with power. Keep up the good work!

Ashley J.
Chicago, Illinois
Back pain, neck pain and massage therapy testimonial

Dr. Ezgur has been very honest and helpful. He made great recommendations and worked with me on my budget. No matter if I get a massage by Many, Marc or Mara, I am so relaxed and walk out ready to tackle the day pain-free! I would recommend Progressive Chiropractic to any of my friends looking for help with their neck and back pain issues.

Kimberly M.
Chicago, Illinois
Neck & Back Pain testimonial

I have been having back/neck problems for years. After seeing my family doctor and being put on pain medication but not improving, I was losing hope. Dr. Ezgur was very thorough and has provided me with new insight and suggestions as to how to work towards a permanent solution to my problem. He also worked with me and my current insurance situation to offer me affordable care. I would definitely recommend him.

Michael H.
Chicago, Illinois
Back pain and great staff testimonial

Everyone that works at this office is phenomenal. Dr. Ezgur is very skilled and knowledgeable, and Chivette at the front desk is fantastic. I had nagging back pain all my life which recently became more severe. In my first visit, Dr. Ezgur showed me what was causing the pain, and after 3 months of treatment I was completely pain-free. I can't recommend him enough.

John W.
Chicago, Illinois
Back Pain and pre-natal care testimonial

I went to Dr.Ezgur for over 10 years for back pain and a fractured tailbone. He got me through so much pain...including pregnancies where I refractured my tailbone. He is the best! He was my primary physician for a very long time and I learned a lot that helps me keep my family healthy today. We moved otherwise I would still be with him. And his administrative assistant Chivette, is so wonderful too. Miss you all over there!

Amy G.
Chicago, Illinois
Pain free testimonial

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️From the moment I painfully walked in until I almost painlessly!! walked out of this practice, my experience today was excellent. From the entire staff to Dr. Ezgur himself, there was a very genuine, down-to-earth feel, as well as being very professional, of course. He fixed my husband’s back ten years ago, promised it would take x number of visits, stood by his word, and my hubby hasn’t had to see him since! I’ll recommend Dr. Ezgur and Progressive Chiropractic forever! 5 stars!

Michele G.
Chicago, Illinois
Back Pain, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustment testimonial

A few months ago, I came to see Dr. Ezgur for a flare up of a chronic, recurring low back pain issue. I had seen several other chiropractors and physical therapists over the years with pretty good results, but the pain would always return. I recently moved to Chicago and was referred to Dr. Ezgur by my primary care doctor. After reading the many positive reviews on yelp, I decided to make an appointment.

When I called to make the appointment, Chivette the office manager was very friendly and helpful. After gathering the details of my problem, she got me scheduled and took my insurance information which was verified by her before I even came into the office, so we knew exactly what was covered and what was not. As it turns out, Dr. Ezgur was in-network with my insurance company, so all of my services (including massage!) were covered and I just had a co-pay.

Dr. Ezgur spent a full hour with me in a private office/treatment room getting my history and doing an exam. It was the most thorough head-to-toe exam I've ever had! Dr. Ezgur was very patient, and answered all my questions, and then we discussed my treatment options. I had seen may practitioners before, but nobody ever put together a comprehensive treatment plan like the one Dr. Ezgur recommended. He explained that because my problem had been re-occurring for so long, he wanted to be sure to uncover and correct all the underlying causes. The treatment plan was to do chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage therapy, and physical therapy including a newer, "cutting-edge" type of rehab called DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) which was really effective and quite different from anything I had ever done before. We also did ART (active release technique) and Graston for my tight muscles. His adjustments were comfortable and effective (he got everything to "pop"). I had never had acupuncture before and was a bit hesitant, so we held off on that for awhile, but when I was ready to try it, I was surprised as to how painless it was. I barely felt any of the needles. And I'm so glad I tried it, because it really made a big difference after just the 2nd treatment!

Aside from the treatments, he offered lots of self-care advice in terms of nutrition (the "anti-inflammatory diet"), recommendations to change my running shoes, tips for proper lifting at the gym, and he wrote me a letter to give to my employer explaining the need for an ergonomic consultation and a standing/convertible work station. All of these "extras" helped a lot.

After seeing me twice a week for 3 weeks, I felt completely back to "normal", so I started seeing him less often - once per week for a few weeks, then gradually weaning down to once per month. After 6 months, I'm still 100% better and have no flare-ups like I used to, so he said to just keep doing my exercises and just follow up with him if I have any future problems. He said that coming in for wellness visits including adjustments and massage on a monthly basis could be a good way to keep things aligned and help prevent re-injury, but that it wasn't necessary to rely on that to keep me out of pain. Other chiropractors in the past have pressured me into coming every month, and although it would help temporarily, the pain kept coming back. I'm so glad Dr. Ezgur was able to finally solve my persistent problem without the need to always have to keep coming back.

What sets Dr. Ezgur apart from the other chiropractors I've seen in the past is that it's not a cookie-cutter approach. He really takes the time to listen and create a treatment plan based on what you really need. I highly recommend Dr. Ezgur and his staff.

David R.
Chicago, Illinois

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