We provide safe and effective treatment for a variety of allergies, and allergy-related conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Seasonal allergies
  • Hayfever
  • Sinusitis
  • Frequent & recurring colds
  • Food allergies

Allergies and sinusitis are common conditions that can lead to symptoms including pain over the sinuses, a feeling of pressure in the head, sneezing, runny or congested nose, itchy & watery eyes, and headaches. Allergies and sinusitis can also contribute to muscle tension and pain, especially in the neck and upper back. When these conditions persist untreated, they can also lead to chronic, recurring infections and a weakened immune system. Conventional medical treatment may include allergy shots, prescription drugs, and sometimes sinus surgery. The natural treatment options discussed below are often preferred as they are less costly, free of side effects, and tend to treat the cause of the problem rather than merely suppressing the symptoms. These treatments can be used along with, or as natural alternatives to, conventional medical treatment. Most of our patients suffering from allergies and/or sinusitis have found that by implementing these natural treatment strategies, they feel much better, and are able to avoid prescription drugs or surgery.

Because the specific causes and set of symptoms can vary from person to person, we recommend scheduling an appointment to discuss your problem with one of our doctors, so that they can help you formulate an individualized treatment plan to overcome your allergy and/or sinusitis condition.

1. Natural treatments including chiropractic, acupuncture, and homeopathy tend to be the safest and most effective way to overcome allergies and sinusitis. After discussing your problem with the doctor, an individualized treatment plan will be developed, which may include some combination of these treatments in order to get the best results. Chiropractic care and acupuncture typically provide good results using an initial schedule of two visits per week for three to six weeks, and then tapering off to 1 visit every three to eight weeks. Homeopathy tends to result in even deeper healing with more of a long-term cure, often requiring no further treatment after six to eighteen months.

2. Eliminating your exposure to allergens can play an important role in the treatment of chronic allergies and sinusitis. It is especially effective when used in the early stages of homeopathic, acupuncture, and/or chiropractic treatment, as the body is better able to initiate the healing process when allergens and other physical, mental, emotional and chemical stressors are reduced. The most common types of allergens are found in the air and in certain foods. It is important to pay attention to your symptoms in order to avoid the aggravating factors. Very often it comes down to trial and error. Common airborne allergens include dust, pollen and molds. Many products available at Allergy Asthma Technology, can be especially helpful, including: air purifiers, allergen reducing HVAC air filters, allergen reducing sprays & cleaners, and pet dander reduction products. Food allergies can be detected by various methods including scratch tests, blood tests, and the elimination diet. The most common food sensitivities, allergies, or “food triggers" tend to be dairy and gluten. Others potentially problematic foods may include: corn, citrus, shellfish, and nightshade vegetables (bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant). Sometimes relief can be obtained by merely decreasing your consumption of the foods to which you are allergic or sensitive, but sometimes it requires total elimination from the diet. After eliminating or decreasing consumption of a food for 6-12 months, some people find that they can gradually re-introduce the food back into the diet without making their symptoms worse. Other people may need to stay on their restricted diet indefinitely. For best results, we recommend that you contact us to schedule an individualized nutritional consultation with one of our doctors.

3. Neti Pot is a small plastic or ceramic pot with a spout used to rinse your nasal passages with a saline water solution. This decreases your symptoms by removing mucus and impurities from the nasal passages, reducing inflammation and mucus production, and helps shrink the mucus membranes lining the nose. The neti pot should be used once or twice each day for chronic, ongoing conditions, but can be used three times per day or more to treat acute infections or flare-ups. Neti pots can be purchased at our office and include saline packets to add to your water (we recommend using distilled), as well as detailed instructions for their usage. If you have any problems using the neti pot, please consult the doctor.

4. Natural D-Hist is a safe and highly effective, vitamin/herbal formula containing vitamin C, quercetin, stinging nettles, bromelain and N-acetyl L-cysteine. This formula is not a stimulant, nor will it make you jittery or drowsy. These natural substances work synergistically to decrease mucus production and inflammation of the mucous membranes by blocking the release of histamine. Available at our office.

Dosage: 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times per day, on an empty stomach. After good results are obtained, you may find that you are able to remain stable with a maintenance dose of 2-3 capsules total per day.

5. Nasalcrom nasal spray is an over-the-counter formula that contains cromolyn sodium to block the release of histamine by stabilizing mast cells. It may take several days to notice the effects, but regular use should provide relief. It appears to be safe for daily use. Follow directions and warning label on package. Available at most drug stores.

Dosage: One spray into each nostril 3-4 times per day.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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