The treatment of chronic headaches often takes time. Avoiding conventional headache and pain medications for acute episodes will help you to recover faster and more completely in the long run. Over time, the treatment that you receive at our office should help to decrease the frequency and intensity of your headaches. If you are receiving a homeopathic remedy, this should also help to relieve your symptoms during an acute attack. At the onset of your headache, or if your prescribed homeopathic remedy or other self-care measures only provide minimal relief, you can also try this hydrotherapy treatment. You should still continue following an acute dosing schedule of your prescribed homeopathic remedy as instructed by Dr. Ezgur, but you can also add the following technique.

  • The general idea is that you want to get your feet warm, while at the same time cooling your head.
  • The best way to do this is to soak your feet in hot water (you can sit on the edge of your bathtub or use a bucket of hot water), while placing a cold pack (from the freezer or refrigerator – whichever works best) on your head. The cold pack usually works best if at refrigerator, not freezer, temperature.
  • For an enhanced effect, you may also place the palms of your hands on the ice pack.
  • If you can’t use both the heat and the ice, then one or the other may still help a bit.
  • This treatment may be performed for 10-30 minutes, and repeated as often as necessary, for best results.

This technique works by drawing the congestion of blood (which often causes headaches) away from the head, back down towards the feet.

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