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Headache and massage testimonial

I have been coming to this office for the majority of my mobility and pain issues for almost two years now and have been greatly improved. The office is clean and relaxing, the scents of essential oils are trance-inducing without making me sneeze, and the equipment is new and works well.

Chivette will absolutely be the first person you talk to. She is the anchor of the office. Chivette has helped me with insurance issues and scheduling constraints aplenty and has never chided me when I no-showed (gah) or came in late after work or school went too long.

Dr. Ezgur himself is fabulous, though it might take you a while to warm up to him. He is punctual (such a treat in a Dr.'s office) and efficient. At first I thought his efficiency was aloofness and I was confused but with continued appointments and conversation, we got to know each other much better. He is now in charge of my adjustments, acupuncture, and homeopathy. My once-daily headaches of varying intensity from mild to migraine are virtually non-existent these days.

I have to mention the massage therapists as well. Manny is AWESOME. With his background in Thai massage as well as classic Swedish training he is able to work out every knot and tightness with skill that doesn't leave me totally sapped for the rest of the night. After the massage he does a Thai stretch session that leaves me feeling like a relaxed rubber band and babbling nonsense thanks to all those endorphins! Woo hoo!

All in all, a great office that I continue to recommend to friends and family.

Christiana S.
Chicago, Illinois
Homeopathy and nutritional counseling testimonial

He really understands all of the joints and muscles and how they interconnect. He applies various treatments, he doesn't just do a standard adjustment every time like other chiropractors. I can't say enough about how skilled he is and how much he has helped me. I especially like how he listens to my needs and provides me a maintenance plan that includes exercise, nutritional counseling and homeopathy.

Keneth N.
Chicago, Illinois
Homeopathy testimonial

Dr. Rick Ezgur is a true healer. I am forever grateful to him for what he did for me. He cured me of a disorder I was taught I would have to cope with for the rest of my life. Truly, what this man is able to do with homeopathy is nothing short of miracle work. I am a massage therapist and I only recommend clients to Dr. E. He is thorough with patients and his knowledge is excellent. Most importantly, if he doesn't have a solution for you immediately, he will never give up looking for one. He really is a gifted healer. Thanks Dr. E! I'm getting better and better and you gave me the key.

Jacqueline S.
Chicago, Illinois
Homeopathy testimonial

Met with Dr. Ezgur today for the first time for my son. I was extremely pleased with how thorough he was! He had me thinking waaaaay back and really dove into my son's medical history for his homeopathy appointment. I am excited to work with him and I am excited to see what is in store for my son! Very hopeful!

Jennifer M.
Chicago, Illinois
Seizures and allergies testimonial

We've been seeing Dr. Ezgur for homeopathy for over 3 years, and he has helped our family tremendously. My older son's seizures completely stopped without any medical interventions or medications, and my younger son's asthma and allergies have improved quite a bit since starting homeopathy. We are very pleased with both of their progress.

Rosanne K.
Chicago, Illinois
Sports Injury care, acupuncture and homeopathy testimonial

I never really understood what it meant to be pain free until I visited Dr. Ezgur. I have been seeing Dr. Ezgur at Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center on and off for about four years. I work in the fitness industry and often encounter strains and sprains. Dr Ezgur cares, listens, and helps you heal. The staff that helps you in the healing process is professional and personal at the same time. In addition to helping me heal from my sports injuries, I also get much relief in general wellness. I tend to go to Dr Ezgur for colds and sinus issues, too. The acupuncture and homeopathy treatments have been keeping me healthy for years. I have never had a problem with parking, scheduling or insurance. I highly recommend Dr Ezgur and Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center. He's a good guy who runs a good business.

John N.
Chicago, Illinois
Holistic healing testimonial

I couldn't be more please with Dr. Ezgur and the treatment I am receiving at Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center. I hadn't been to a Chiropractor with any regularity since elementary school and it was nice to find an office so close to me that offers a holistic approach to health that vibes so well with my own views. An added benefit is having massage and acupuncture services in the same office.

I was intro introduced the Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center through the Ride for AIDS Chicago. Dr. Ezgur donated his time to provide free adjustments for any of the riders after a challenging and emotional 200 mile, two-day bike ride. His involvement showed me that the office's heart is in a good place.

Everyone I have met in the office is just as awesome. Geeking out over music, bikes and movies with his CT makes learning the stretches a lot easier. There is also not a critical eye in the place. If life gets in the way and I come in without having done all the stretches I should have I am only met with "Cool, let's continue from where you are now." I can say enough good things.

Eric G.
Chicago, Illinois
Infant care and homeopathy testimonial

We consulted Dr Ezgur for his Homeopathy expertise for my infant daughter. We were, and still are amazed by his medications and excellent diagnosis. He was available round the clock on email and would even take consultations on the phone, if need be. Although homeopathy was a little expensive to begin with, it did solve health problems without beating around the bush like conventional medicine does. I wish Dr. Ezgur and his wellness center all the success and hopefully they can make homeopathy a household name in America in years to come.

Lopa N.
Chicago, Illinois

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